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Updates, February 27, 2018

Elkmont Family and Friends,

My apologies for not getting this out yesterday but I had eye surgery and spent the day trying not to rub the itchy feeling from an eye that was cloudy annoyance. Getting older bites!

There will be no street lights. The lights were being tested because of requests we had from some residents. We have heard you and want you to know no lights would have been installed without consulting those who would be affected.

When each of us was elected to the Board we told you nothing would be secret. We take that promise seriously and ask you to trust that this project has played out in the only way it could. There has been a delay in getting information to you because any and all information must be completely and totally accurate. Now that the dust has settled, we can bring you all up to speed. It was impossible to say anything definitive before this because all aspects of the project had to be coordinated. Anytime more than one decision is made by more than one person there are gaps in communication. Hopefully, this information will help allay fears and dispel rumors.

We have heard rumblings about needing to vote on the matter. We did not vote on our present system. Everyone was fine with that because it was obvious we needed wifi. We knew it would be self-supporting and we know this one will be self-supporting. This system is far more intricate, technologically advanced, and reliable. We knew that we had to replace this wifi instead of throwing more money at a substandard company and service. Time constraints dictated we proceed in the same manner as we did with the Windstream installation. We tried long enough to put lipstick on that pig.

Windstream is not working. Every time someone called to report problems it became more obvious that this system had to go the way of the dodo bird. An upgrade to the delivery of wifi became glaringly evident. Fate handed Elkmont a solution that we could only have dreamed of.

This will be system be totally self-supporting and after five years the cost will be incredibly low!!.

We will be leasing the equipment from Allied Communications and it will belong to Elkmont after 5 years. Allied is the company installing the fiber optic cable and monitoring it. We seriously weighed whether we should continue with an ineffective system that could not deliver consistent wifi or to go with the most technologically advanced system on today’s market. Any big change is accompanied by anxiety. We can speak to that. Dick Hammond understood what an improvement fiber optics would have been and said he wished we could have gotten it here. He used to say the price was prohibitive.

HEMC began installing fiber optic cable up to the old Western Sizzlin because the White County School District had purchased that building. It was our golden opportunity since the cable’s path went right by our entrance. HEMC offered to run the fiber up to the mail room and lease it to Elkmont. Terry explained that we had to give them an answer immediately or end up paying four times more. A firm out of North Carolina owns the equipment and it would have cost a fortune to move the equipment back here in order to run the fiber to our office. After three years of leasing, that fiber cable will belong to us. Acting on that offer opened the door for us to have the most technically advanced system on the market.

It was very stressful to have to make that decision with such short notice. Had we not decided to take advantage of the situation we would be suffering with Windstream for an unknown length of time. We knew when we took that step it would put each of us in the middle of the target. That was a chance we took in order to get the best for Elkmont. Our sincere apologizes for any stress and doubt this has caused you. Some decisions are very difficult and one has to weigh the options and consequences.

Fire Prevention:

Those white flags were not expected until Allied’s next visit. We were as surprised as you. Allied is very efficient and moved onto step two faster than we expected. Had we known, word would have gone out ahead of time. That is a lesson for the Board. The fiber optic company will keep us abreast of their work schedule to prevent more surprises that cause worry and anxiety. This endeavor’s objective is to make Elkmont’s lifestyle and profile even better.

It is understandable that folks are in a dither about the white flags everywhere. We would have put the word out if we had known that that “survey” would also involve any kind of markings. Allied Communication told us they would be carefully going over Elkmont property to get an idea of where to lay the new fiber cable. The markings are there so that Terry, Ken, and Allied Communications can go around the Park again. They will be making sure that the path is clear enough to call 811 “Call before you dig”. Keep in mind that all of these locations are not set in stone. After the guys go around today, there will be changes made. It is intended that this system have as low a profile as possible!! We listen to your concerns and do everything possible to address those concerns.

The second burning issue is the fear that this project will take monies saved for the future of the septic system and diverted to something else. NOT SO. Elkmomt has reached the goal of having $72,400 in a reserve account. The Board was able to put the last $4500 in the account in addition everything that was done last year. Elkmont puts funds in a money market account. Money collected from dues goes into that account and is periodically transferred in small amounts to checking. The checking account is used to operate the Park. All of this is open everyone.

We sent a reminder to residents about careful use of the septic system. That does not mean there is anything wrong. It means we want to keep it that way! The specifics for careful use has been on the web for about two years ago.

Exercise Room

Let me start by saying that the work being done in the shed started because we had top quality exercise equipment donated to Elkmont. The second unexpected surprise blessing is that someone wrote us a large check specifically for whatever was needed to finish the shed project. A third party has come forward and is donating a new heating and cooling system. That cost will be anywhere from $800 to $1500! Others have supplied a small refrigerator, a fan, antiseptic gel, weights, a television, a yoga mat and other items that will make using the equipment more fun.

It was announced at the annual meeting that plans were in the works for an exercise room.

We saw no need to vote on something that has been created out of generous donations. Pictures of the progress on that room have been posted on Elkmont Family and Friends. The Board wants to say a sincere “Thank You” to all who have donated goods, money, and hard work.

Projected cost of fiber optic cable to participants

May I use personal information as an example of what the fiber optic system could mean to those who choose take advantage of it. We will cancel Windstream cable and telephone. That will save $102 per month. We will drop the movie package from Direct TV and will use Amazon Prime for free movies. Now that there will be a constant and reliable supply of wifi I hope to never see the word “buffering” again. Personal savings could be over $200 per month!

The fiber optic system will save our household about $2040 per year. That sure beats a kick in the head.

The delivery system for the cable will be an underground cable. They have incredible equipment that will bury the it. The machinery is able to burrow down about three feet and a width of 48 feet. After the burying process, there is almost no evidence that they have done anything! It barely ruffles the grass. This company just finished with this same cable at Piedmont College with great success.

It will be $360 per year. If you have already paid your $144 then subtract that from the $360 for a grand total of $216. That may be paid all at once or monthly until the end of December 2018. New people to the system will pay $360 plus a hookup fee of $75.00.

Future cost will remain at $360 per year. New subscribers will have to pay a hookup fee of $75.

An added feature is that you will be able to make reliable wifi calls from this new hightech system.

Windstream supplies only 12 megs per tower. Allied Communications fiber optic cable will shoot 100 megs to each of eleven towers throughout the Park. These towers will be within the easement on side of the road and connected to an underground cable. That means there will be no interference from leaves etc.

The entire system will be constantly monitored by Allied. Their monitoring will alert them to possible problems before we even have a hint of a glitch. The towers “talk” to each. That means if one tower happens to have a mishap then the nearby towers will cover that tower and those in that location will have no interruption in service.

Call if you have any questions at all !!!!! 727-542-4692

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Updates, February 14, 2018

Elkmont Family and Friends,

All septic tanks and alarms have been checked. 6, 7, and 12 were pumped February 2nd by Chris Mote Pumping. He needs to pump 13, 15, 17, 18, 19 AND 20 next week. Pumping nine tanks and inspecting the whole system has cost $4,450. That includes a $600 “check the system” fee. Of additional concern are pumps 16 and 24. We will be attentive to those tanks and hope to hold off on those for a few months. Those two tanks will be pumped. Tank 7 is in need of more piping. Cost of repairs on 7 and 24 will be approximately $3,400. Not repairing them would cost a lot more than that!

Every time work is done on the septic system it is necessary to obtain a permit from the County. Chris Mote and Sean Sullivan from the County evaluate the situation and together detail repairs that will be done.

Remember how your mother used to nag about something until you heard nothing she said? Well, here goes:


This cannot be stressed enough!


If you need an individual copy, please let someone on the Board know. We will provide you with a copy.


This is a serious reminder.


More news to follow in the very near future!

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Updates, December 4, 2017

Elkmont Family and Friends,

The year is ending all too quickly. We can be thankful for the pleasant weather thus far.

Our dues remains at $400 per lot and $144 for the internet.

We are waiting for a schedule on the delivery of the washer and two new dryers.

Nearly all of the new street signs have been put up. Every improvement adds to the beauty of Elkmont.

Best wishes to all for a pleasant and peaceful Christmas.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Updates, November 21, 2017

Elkmont Family and Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! May you all have a fruitful and peaceful day. There will be a Thanksgiving meal at the pavilion at 2:00 PM. Quite a few have signed up and everyone will bring a covered dish. All Elkmont family and friends are invited.

The most up-to-date news is that we are going to be purchasing two new dryers and one new washing machine for our laundry room. Hopefully, next year we can purchase one more new washing machine and one more new dryer. Our laundry will contain all new machines that will make life easier for all.

Several people have asked how much the dues are for this coming year. The dues will stay at $400 and the wifi will be $144. These are due on January 1, 2018.

We all know that our present carrier is less than satisfactory. In addition to that, Elkmont's terrain makes it difficult to broadcast and already substandard signal. Terry Horner is constantly researching ways of improving wifi service. The school board recently purchased the old Western Sizzling and will be running fiber optic cable right by Elkmont. The new cable company said they will run that cable up to one point into Elkmont. Terry is now interviewing various companies and picking their brains to find the best way to get the signal throughout the Park. Fiber optic cable is a miracle and will increase our bandwidth 10 fold.

Elkmont elected this Board with the intent that the covenants be followed without favoritism. Even though the can be very difficult, we do follow that mandate. The Board is working in the best interest of Elkmont and must follow the laws of Georgia as they relate to an association such as ours. The Board of Directors usually has a phone conference with our lawyer after each annual meeting. The best part is that phone conferences are at no charge. One of the topics we knew would be difficult was that Elkmont cannot sell any common properties and none of us can appropriate that land for personal use. Elkmont is a corporation and is responsible for common properties. That corporation cannot be legally altered.

The Board has had to ask two owners to move fences and other items not placed on the property by Elkmont. Leon and Michele have complied. Cherie Baker's situation was a little different because it meant we had to measure to find property lines and then point out what had to be moved. Cherie is now in the process of moving a fence that was put up in place of one that had been grandfathered in. Once the original fence was removed, the replacement fence was not grandfathered and had to be removed.

There will be more information to follow after Thanksgiving in another email.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Updates, October 30, 2017

Elkmont Family and Friends,

It looks like fall is really here. The pool was closed today. It was necessary to have the pool temperature at or below 60 F. Larry and Joan Bosse have stepped up and have made sure the chemical levels were correct. They also went down late Monday nights to shock the pool so it would only have to be down one day per week.

The social life at Elkmont is going well. Angie Ray has enough energy for two people and she is focusing that energy on organizing social events. She puts a lot of time and effort into this. Ann Bonnett has offered a helping hand. Brenda May gave Elkmont a brand new shed. It is down by the pavilion and they are getting it all organized. Many thanks to all three of them and to all others who are making this a nice place to live.

More work has been done to the septic system. Tank 4 has been surrounded with pounds of charcoal and then covered with rolls of grass like the kink used on the sides of highways. We have also added pine shavings and several bags of Refresh. In order to make sure that areas receive the light of day and allow the sunlight to dry out the land, branches on the trees were trimmed up 15 feet. It is working.

We have had to have three tanks pumped. One of the tanks acted like a geyser when Chris Mote stuck an auger into the tank. The tank was pumped and the filter had to replaced because it was clogged with food. It is not pleasant to contact people and tell them NOT to use garbage disposal and to NOT put food down the sink. Just a reminder that we have a map of which lots use which tanks and Chris can pretty well identify where the food is coming from. Is it fair for the whole community to pay $450 each time a plugged tank has to be pumped. We have 24 of them. Think about it.

Several people have offered to donate exercise equipment to Elkmont. Some the it is like new and expensive. We have heard folks say they would love to have a place where they cold exercise without being right next to a buff butt and a pumped up pro. Gravity has done awful things to many of us and exercising in a nearly private. We are looking at every way that can be provided! Ideas are welcome.

Rick Hutchinson passed away very suddenly. His passing was sad for us but he had been grieving with intensity over his wife's passing two years ago. HIs son Brandon arrived yesterday with his aunt and has the daunting task of dealing with a cabin, RV, truck, and golf cart. He is now moving everything from the RV to the cabin. It is kind of overwhelming for him because he is a soft spoken only child.

Larry Jenkins spent a couple of hours pushing the leaves back to make room for our fall "bounty".

Please use golf carts to dispose of leaves. Don't want you to get stuck. Do not dump branches or anything but grass and leaves. DO NOT BLOCK ENTRY BY PLOPPING CLIPPINGS RIGHT NEAR THOSE GREEN SEPTIC COVERS. DRIVE IN AWAYS AND HELP ALL OF US. AVIOD DUMPING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE NEWLY CLEARED AREA. THAT IS NEW PIPE LINE FOR TANKS 6 AND 8.

We are working on a way branches can be disposed of. The Firewise program said they would come in and turn branches to chips and carry it away!! They will inspect Elkmont and tell us where there are areas that are potential fire hazards. We just have to have a committee here that will meet with them once a week. We could get grants of up to $5,000.

Several people engaged in a "game" pick up sticks. The result was two large piles of dry branches and a social event turned into many of us enjoying a bonfire! That opens up future possibilities. We are working of that.

Angie took orders for Elkmont shirts. She got a ton of orders. The shirts look great. You can get long or short sleeved ones.

If we have not gotten information to you in a more timely fashion it is because all of us have been very busy. Ken is working during the October Fest for example. We had to prepare for the Annual meeting and address property improvement forms. There have been issues about work done on community property without Board approval. That has been stressful. That issue involves drainage.

I am sure there are things that have been missed. We will follow up with another information communication.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

What's Up Meeting, August 5, 2017

  • Opening prayer
  • Financial update by Ken Moore
  • Pool overview by Larry Bosse
  1. Robert Daniels incredibly long battle.
  2. Joe Nadeau’s plaque secured in pool area by Larry Jenkins.
  3. Immense credit and gratitude to all volunteers.
    1. game night, Friday socials, pool aerobics and Pot Luck meals
    2. (Angie Ray and Ann Bonnett)
  4. New Year’s Eve cabin hopping organized by Vicki Hermes and Susan Voll
  5. Septic system update
    1. Chris Mote Pumping
    2. all tanks inspected and pumped if necessary
    3. 120 feet of new drain pipe added to 6 and 8.  190 to 4 and 24
    4. tank 4 has a new pump and wiring (Calvin and Larry Jenkins)
    5. roots cleared out of distribution box near tank 24.
    6. survey done to be sure of lot line to put down drain pipes
    7. trees and stumps removed near septic tanks
  6. Dumpster size has gone up to 12 sq. yard.
    1. recently had to pay extra $150 (per contract) bags stacked on top of container
    2. clippings and larges boxes can cost the whole community
  7. Larry Jenkins moved last year’s leaves back to make room for this year
    1. He will be using bobcat to load wood from behind pavilion
    2. He will also be installing two fans with lights and outlets to pool area
  8. The front gate caused trouble again.  Larry and Terry found the problem.  Had to bore under road and hook up new 220 line to gate pedestal
  9. To help save wear on the gate a “cut through” road was put in.  Hard work!
  10. Collection of emergency contacts went well.  Update if necessary. 
  11. Yard Sale at same time a pool project.  Both a success.  Thanks to all who worked in hot sun
  12. Permits needed from County to work on septic tanks and to open pool.  Slow!
  13. Reminder to allow 30 days for improvements to be reviewed by Board.
  14. SPEEDING IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM.  When speed bumps taken out the community assured the Board speed would be self-regulated.  All must be mindful of 10mph limit.  We do not want speed tables to rectify the problem

Possible projects for the future:

  • Close in at least ½ of the pavilion.  Joyce is looking for product and prices.
  • TORNADO SHELTER and all it involves being researched.  Eston Kirby is on it.
  • Have roads inspected.  Need to stay ahead of potential problems.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Game Night, July 21, 2017

Elkmont Family and Friends,

Game night was a lot of fun. Thanks to Lori Tombrella, Angie Ray and Brenda May for the work in planning and in getting the pavilion ready. Thanks go to them for the load of Games and arrangement of snacks. The Ann and Ron Bonnett brought some lawn games the were a big hit.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Septic Repairs, July 21, 2017

Elkmont Family and Friends,

On June 20, 2017 Chris Mote Plumbing put in a long day of very hard work. He excavated trenches as deep as he is tall. This was done in order to add 190 feet of new line. That new line will alleviate excessive stress on lines we now have.

The new line immediately worked as planned. Behind Muriel Maxfield's place the pump had been zapped by lightning and that threw a breaker. The pump is now fully operative.

Chris Mote cautioned that there will be a detectable odor for a few days while the field dries out. This project addresses tanks 24 and 4.

Tanks 6 and 8 had 120 feet of new line added last week.

This whole project had to be coordinated with the County. That took meetings, permits and time.

Please be mindful of the fact that the fields need to evaporate the excess "stuff". This process will be closely monitored. It has been a long process getting to this point but this should be the solution.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Speeding within Elkmont

Thanks to everyone who observes the speed limit in Elkmont. 10 MPH is the standard speed for RV resorts because of the casual lifestyle. People do not casually walk on Helen Highway and they do not go out there to walk a dog. We presume there is an element of safety in Elkmont because everyone is supposed to be going 10 MPH.

At last year"s meeting, there was nearly unanimous a call to remove the speed bumps with the guarantee that all would observe the speed limit. The Board saw how difficult those bumps were on motorhomes and trailers and we listened. The speed bumps were removed. We are back to the circumstances that warranted those miserable bumps in the first place. What now?

Our element of safety is in jeopardy. A couple of days ago a vehicle was seen going at a very high rate of speed up Elkmont Trail. It was going at a speed more appropriate to a County road. That is not an exaggeration. Think about what could have happened. Many people have complained that folks are going way too fast. There are no RV's in wooded area at the front of Elkmont. The speed limit still applies. Pedestrians have the right to expect the limit will be observed.

Another matter of serious concern is that drivers will remotely open the gate way before they reach the office/ mail room. After the gate opens they breeze right through. If you are going into the Park the chances are pretty good that someone could be leaving. We have seen this on many occasions. That is an area where it is difficult to see opposing traffic. What makes matters worse is that people are still parking right outside the mail room. "I will only be a few seconds and I have been parking like that for years and nothing has happened." The combinations of factors in that location makes for a dangerous outcome. The laws of probabilities do exist.

When entering or leaving the Park we are often thinking about an errand or an appointment. Speed picks up and before you know it, the car is going way over the speed limit. Think about it. You may go up and down the roads many, many times and nothing happens. Then there is that one person exercising or walking a dog and he/she does not hear you. Once something 'bad' happens it cannot be undone. It is the responsibility of everyone of us to respect others and to travel at a speed that ensures everyone's expectation of safety.

Going over the speed limit late at night also endangers others. Thinking that nobody would be out that late is faulty thinking. If you are out then the chances are that others will be out. PLEASE slow down.

There is a hill at the top of Elkmont Trail. Folks go over that hill way too fast. When you are inside the car it does not feel you are going too fast. When you are outside, the perception of speed is entirely different. Anyone backing out of a driveway or driving a golf cart is in danger.

We can go back to observing the speed limit and respecting others or we will have to give serious consideration to finding ways to get everyone to slow down. The speeding in the Park will eventually result in injury or death.

The bottom line is we all must please slow down!!!!

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Board Meeting for April 17, 2017

Elkmont Family and Friends,

Thank Terry for the road everyone loves. Thanks to Calvin for getting a great start fixing the sign for advertising real estate at the entrance of Elkmont.

County inspector coming tomorrow. Exterminator coming tomorrow about 10:00.

Eston Kirby found out that the recycle place will take a mobile home for the cost of $230.00. That info could be valuable in the future.

Joyce just made her fourth trip to the County to expedite the process necessary to get the process going for the inspector to deal with septic system. As soon as he inspects the septic tank location in the front, we can get started with laying the cement for pool project. Then we can get started. The County says we are next on the list.

We have sent out several letters to owners reminding them that their property needs work. Included was a request for a date when work will be done. Have had good response. There are a few more letters yet to be sent.

Have has issues with big dogs. According to our attorney, we cannot limit dogs to 20 lbs without changing covenants. Document any and all incidents so if one does attack and injured we will have history of dog’s behavior. Susan Voll’s dog was not sufficiently injured to warrant vet care even if the whole scene was terrifying.

We will ask Chris Mote to do another check of the tanks and drainage field between Stag Leap and Elkmont Trail.

Making another call to exterminator. Carpenter bees are here and he is due to spray again.

Joyce found a big leak in the laundry. The sixteen year old washer finally bit the dust. A new washing machine ordered for our laundry. Cost will be a little over $1700.00. Delivery and installation date is May 9, 2017.

We have had more lot owners sign up for wifi. Kinks are being addressed. Terry generously gives of his time helping those with a problem.

The cut through road that Terry Horner spearheaded has been very helpful. Many thanks to Calvin, Brian Oaks, and Larry Reeves for pitching in.

Liens on properties for very late dues are being removed as dues are paid. We have only two that are outstanding. Out of necessity, the Board levies a penalty on dues that are not paid after January. Where else can one live for $400.00 a year.

Calvin Hermes cleaned a property that has gone unoccupied for a few years. He took twelve loads of leaves and debris from that place.

We will be scheduling the late spring volunteer day. Volunteers are crucial to the beauty of Elkmont.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Project Updates for April 13, 2017

Elkmont Family and Friends,

  1. We have ordered a new coin operated washing machine. Checking on best delivery date.
  2. No need to panic when you forget your gate clicker when you go to empty trash. Thanks to Terry Horner, Calvin Hermes, and Brian Oaks the new cut through path is now complete. You can now go to the pool, dumpster, or mail room without activating the gate.
  3. We had budgeted for new pool furniture. It has been purchased and is now stacked in the pool enclosure.
  4. A second but smaller dumpster will be delivered Friday.

Time for a special update. There is some history we would like to share as a way of laying the ground work for this update.

All of the last summer season, the pool company kept telling us that the fir trees near the pool were a real problem. The trees were dying and the needles were constantly ending up in the pool. We also had a tree company take down trees that were sending roots into septic tanks. It was a natural progression to have trees near the pool taken down. For safety reasons, the stumps had to be removed. Hence the need for a privacy fence. If the pool is visible from the road, it would be quite a temptation to come in and take a dip. It has been done before.

Last year Terry donated an awning for people to get out of the sun. The wind took that one out. The previous awning had holes in it and had to be taken down. Any kind of a structure for shade would take up a great deal of the pool’s perimeter. This set us on the track of considering a more permanent structure in a better location. A pergola with a roof providing shade seemed to be the most sensible way to go. Remember, at this point, we were just throwing out ideas.

The need for a privacy fence and the plan for a pergola was a given. Knowing that a pergola of sufficient size would take up a lot of space, it was proposed that the pool deck should be extended. All factors considered, the size of that proposed extension ended up being 12 x 48. A 12 x 24 foot pergola will be in the middle and a 12 x 12 open area on each side of that could be set up with tables and chairs. We hope that a small refrigerator could be placed in a shady spot for all to use. The Board budgeted for new pool furniture. There are 7 new chaise lounges and two matching chairs. A table with 4 chairs and two pool lounge chaises are being donated. Any other donations will be greatly appreciated.

In order to see if this theoretical proposal would be feasible, Terry Horner consulted with several guys in the Park who have expertise in these areas. They gave suggestions and ideas. Terry then worked up exact costs of the fence and pergola. Bids on the cement are still coming in. JT Thigpen has been and will be sharing his extensive knowledge as the project progresses.

Things were starting to come together. The Board did not want to put this idea out as a plan until we had estimates on the fence, pergola, and cement. None of this was something cooked up by the Board. It grew out of needs and we wanted to be well informed before the project is presented. This amenity will add considerable value to Elkmont.

Not everyone uses the pool but all benefit from having recreation areas that can be used by residents and family and friends. We have had some hefty expanses this year. Bug extermination, a survey, tree removal, and repairs to sections of the septic system and the purchase of a new coin washing machine are some examples. You now can see why we are asking for donations to help defray the costs of this project. Many have already given free man hours. Hopefully you will find it in your heart and contribute to this amenity. If you wish to send a check, please address it to Elkmont Board, 3177. Volunteers will be needed. That is another great way to donate to YOUR community.

Below is a diagram and a computerized idea of what the improvement will look like. Thanks to Joni Bell for the work she put in getting the diagram and picture ready for all.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Updates for April 3, 2017

Elkmont Family and Friends,

A few days ago there was a serious incident and nobody knew who the emergency contact was for that person. Elkmont is primarily a vacation spot and so immediate relatives and friends often are many miles away and folks here have no idea who to contact in case of an emergency.

The Board is strongly suggesting that you provide us with someone to notify in case of an emergency. That information will be held in confidence and provided only when the law makes that necessary. Please give this serious consideration and send the information in response to this message.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Updates for March 23, 2017

Elkmont Family and Friends,

Spring is just around the corner. The Board is preparing for the onset of good weather and for folks coming back this the season and we want to give you some updates. Start preparing items you might like to sell in a yard sale. It was terribly hot for last year’s sale and so an earlier date is being considered.

Check the Elkmont’s website to see financials postings. The end of year cash flow for 2016 and 2017 budget are posted.

Someone mentioned to us that they saw a huge mound of red ants in the rocks by our Elk. The mound was actually termites! We called an exterminator and discovered that there were several termite mounds in the area. So, we had him spray all of them and then treat the Park’s buildings inside and out. We also asked that the pavilion be sprayed to keep the carpenter bees away. It will be treated three more times this year. No more sawdust will trickle onto our pot luck plates! We also figured that if termites were so plentiful that the wooden fences up front might be compromised. Calvin found that to be true when he put one of piece of fencing over his shoulder and it crumbled.

Our septic system is at the core of Elkmont’s future. Being keenly aware of that, the Board is trying to allow for every eventuality. For example, the leach field between Wapiti Lane and Six Point Trail has been emitting an odor that is NOT Channel #5. Our new septic company found the source of a problem that has been plaguing Elkmont for a long time.

Chris Mote Pumping discovered that the distribution box was not balanced and most probably had roots in it. He was so right. Chris dug up the box and cleaned out HUGE roots. He balanced the flow in the box. We then had a “swail” dug to divert any excess water from the leach field and miracle of miracles, the odor is gone!!! The alarm in that field has not gone off since. In order to keep the roots from growing back into the distribution box, we had two huge trees cut down and their stumps removed.

Tanks 6 and 8 need attention. In order to prevent future problems, we had a survey done on the property down behind the area where we dump leaves. It turns out that we have a lot of land there. That means there is enough land to solve the issue of the tanks filling up more rapidly than they should with piping. Chris Mote will be working on that in the very near future. We also had a perk test done on the lots between the pool and the road. There is now a record of the results. It did not pass.

In anticipation of the seasonal influx of residents, Larry Jenkins used the bobcat to push back all the leaves at the dump site. Please be cautious because the path might still be a bit slippery. When disposing of leaves please do not dump leaves or grass right at the entrance. Larry will also be using the bobcat to pick up all that wood behind the pavilion and put it in a roll off dumpster. Waste Away will then haul it off and dispose of rotten wood. That pile of wood hides creatures that love the dark and damp. Larry has agreed on tackling another project. He is leveling the ground near the pool. That is necessary because the trees next to the fence had to be cut down. It was necessary to also remove the trees by the septic tanks. The needles from those trees constantly found their way into the pool. Not good. It was decided to have some diseased trees up near the shed removed while the tree company was here. It was evident that the bamboo near the septic tanks needed to be cut down. We have a detailed list of every tree or stump the company dealt with. That is available for anyone and everyone’s inspection.

Terry Horner, with Calvin Hermes’ assistance, has gotten a good start on the cut through road up front. It is actually a path wide enough for cars and trucks to use. The purpose of this is to be able to go to the dumpster, laundry, mail room, and pool and then exit without activating both gates.

We all love our dogs and want to make life pleasant for them. When walking them it is imperative that we pick up after them. That includes dogs going on common property or on Sara Nadeau’s property down by the pavilion. It is a courtesy that must be adhered to. There are no secrets in a place this small.

Please be reminded that just closing the cover of your computer does not mean it is turned off. Leaving on devices that are hooked up to the wifi decreases the output. We called Windstream and complained that our personal wifi was very slow. We had 9 devices on wifi. What a difference when we turned them off.

Another matter of concern is that some people are not observing the speed limit. None of us is spry enough to avoid a “speeding” car. Some have been going way over the limit. The Board agreed that the speed bumps should go. By the way, darkness does not allow one to exceed the limit. Removing the bumps was done with the agreement that all would go by Elkmont’s speed limit. Hopefully everyone will slow down before there is an irreversible accident.

People are starting to trickle in. You will find we have quite a few new residents. We have very few properties for sale. Future social functions may help us get to know new residents.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

Updates for January 24, 2017

Elkmont Family and Friends,

Let us all extend prayers for our neighbors in southern Georgia. The destruction of life and property caused by the tornados is horrible.

All is progressing well. The budget is nearly finished. It will be posted very soon.

Just a reminder that Elkmont dues are due in January. The Board recognized that dues, taxes, and wifi are all due at the same time. So we built in some leeway without penalty concerning payment of wifi. Dues do need to be sent to Elkmont by the end of January. This message is to avoid any possible confusion. Some may think that the dues and wifi both have leeway. This is just clarification that the payment for dues are separate from wifi.

Jean E. Robinson
Elkmont POA

What's Up Meeting Notes, July 2016

At this time, our annual meeting will be on September 24, 2016. Official notice will be sent out 30 days before the meeting. There is one Board position open so please give serious thought to running for that position. It takes hard work and dedication to keep Elkmont functioning smoothly.

This year there will be closed proxies. According to our by laws proxies must be in and counted the day before the meeting. If someone is nominated from the floor for a Board position then members present will be the ones voting.

We extend a warm welcome to all of our new residents.

  • The chairperson called the meeting to order.
  • There was a moment of silence to respectfully allow time for each to offer a prayer according to his or her individual beliefs.
  • The chairperson gave an update on Joe Nadeau’s condition. Joe had a rod inserted into his leg to strengthen it. He is doing remarkably well. He will be coming home this afternoon.
  • The chairperson explained the basic procedures to be followed at the meeting. Each person has 2-3 minutes to speak. Stay on topic. If the issue causes serious concern a vote can be taken for the Board to address the issue and respond to the community. The Board will bring everyone up to date on what has been accomplished since our last meeting.
  • Due to two Board members resigning and due to a heavy work load Calvin Hermes and Terry Horner have graciously agreed to fill those positions for the remainder of those terms.
  • Joan Bosse has been “elected” by the Board to fill the position of Assistant Treasurer and by virtue of our attorney’s insistence can now insured.
  • Elkmont signed an agreement with the Nadeaus and Jenkins. The agreement addresses the concerns expressed last year about development of their property having a negative impact on Elkmont. The core of the agreement is that Elkmont will not dispute their right of way thru ELkmont and they will not develop their land. This applies to future owners. No need for associate membership. Sincere thanks to the Nadeaus and Jenkins for signing!
  • To assuage concerns and rumors about our financial status, Joni Bell gave an excellent overall presentation. The books and bank statements are available to anyone who feels the need for further inspection. Elkmont has three accounts, a money market, a reserve, and a checking. A foolish rumor was started that Elkmont is broke. Joni artfully pointed out that Joe has planned an effective budget every year and we have never exceeded that budget. In fact, we are $9,000 ahead of schedule!! She neglected to accurately convey the tremendous amount of work she has done in getting this accomplished. Financials are posted on our web site quarterly.
  • Joan Bosse gave a short but comprehensive overview of her duties as Assistant Treasurer. Joni Bell has been the backbone of this transfer of duties and procedures.
  • New Board member Calvin Hermes brought us up to date on the projects in the front of Elkmont and actions taken with the septic system. The system has been inspected, maintained, and monitored. The decaying beams out front have been removed and will be replaced by new ones. Gravel will be added where needed. Area around dumpsters will be covered with gravel to make it more accessible and cleaner. Since there are more people are using the pool, we have elected to increase parking space. Volunteers will be needed to get these jobs done.
  • The second new Board member, Terry Horner, explained the research and time consuming work being done to get wifi up and running. He also noted that there will be more meetings with a Windstream contact person and an engineer to find affordable ways to maximize our wifi performance. We now have four Elkmont Windstream business accounts. If you continue to use wifi the rest of this year there will be no additional charges. We have four receivers and antennae. The pole labeled “Elkmont Middle” used to be on private property and is now on the right of way next to Mr. Jerry Hall’s property. We have all new equipment with more current technology. Terry and the technician are exploring options for making the service stronger and more reliable. We have already added one more account and are considering another for Elkmont rear. Hang in there because it was our aim to restore service and then improve it! Your business on wifi is secure. Everyone will be given a password. Sharing that password with folks who do not pay weakens the signal while taking away funds needed to improve service for all. Terry Horner has spent many hours working with the Windstream technician in 90 degree weather to get the wifi up and going. Just after this meeting all three access points will be up and running. There are still improvements to be made so the service will get better and better.
  • Many thanks to Leon, Michelle and Larry Reeves. Eston Kirby has shared the expertise gained from 20 years as an engineer with telephone company. Betty Moore also attended our first meeting and brought an educated and refined addition to the discussions.
  • In addition to wifi, Terry has been working for days at a time with the “gate guy” to solve the gate’s annoying malfunction. A new receiver was installed and every clicker had to be programmed into it. Many thanks to Leslie for spending days collecting and recording all clicker info. Our records are now up to date.
  • Joe Tombrella’s most recent project was getting a firm estimate on the cost of trimming the trees hanging over the roads. He then supervised the entire project. Many thanks, Joe.
  • After 9 years of tedious work, Dick Hammond has decided to give up offering wifi to the Park. The chairperson extended thanks for his years of work and all responded with a hardy round of applause.
  • We added another dumpster for the summer months. The dumpsters have been moved to stop outsiders from freely using our bins and it has had a huge effect on the amount of trash accumulated each week! PLEASE be considerate and break down boxes you dispose of.
  • It is very expensive and dangerous to chip all of the limbs deposited up front. Using the amount spent on chipping what had been dumped, Jean provided figures and an estimated cost per person as being prohibitive. Those figures did not include disposing of the chipped material. Mention was made of the assistant to the tree trimmer who had his left eye put out by something flying back out of his chipper!!!! That is but one example of the liability involved in anyone in Elkmont using the chipper.
  • All of us will have to plan ahead and team up with neighbors to dispose of brush.
  • The annual yard sale was very successful. Thanks go to Lorie and Leslie!
  • Joyce has hunted down and organized all of Elkmont’s keys and has created a paper trail.
  • White County has trimmed the brush inhibiting a safe exit from Elkmont.
  • More than 20 people stepped up for spring volunteer day and line dancing lessons. Many of the same people put in even more time getting pavilion cleaned for first event.
  • Lorie and Leslie have been superb in organizing social events. Sadly, this is their last year as social organizers. These two managed to arrange a very successful yard sale yet again!!!!
  • Lorie is collecting laundry money, depositing it in Elkmont’s account and giving receipts to Joan Bosse.
  • Joyce Smrek has spent countless hours working on property improvement forms, updating mailing lists, keeping up with Elkmont email and posting refined improvement forms etc.
  • Went to County to get copy of Covenants. Web site copy had to match that one.
  • Elkmont’s attorney provided us with a legal definition of a “business” to quell any concerns about businesses being conducted in Elkmont. This was emailed to everyone.
  • The Board was advised to stay out of disagreements between neighbors.
  • There will be keyless entry locks installed on the office door, bathroom and laundry doors. Code will be taped on door until we get used to them. Code will then be sent to everyone after awhile.
  • There is a white emergency telephone in the pool area. It is can be used for 911 calls only. For your own safety know where that phone is located.
  • Reminders issued to use soaps that are safe for septic systems. Do not use bleach and do not pour grease down the drain. This is YOUR septic system.
  • Dennis mentioned work needs to be done on the system behind his lot and he suggests installation of a sprinkler system near the office. He and Calvin will discuss this.
  • Van Armstrong brought attention to the fact residents must have insurance on golf carts. Anyone younger that 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Please give thought to children driving. Golf carts may be quiet but they are not toys and can cause serious harm. Jan Hicks suggested contacting your insurance carrier about golf carts. They had to get a separate policy.
  • Please be mindful of your grandchildren or guests' children using scooters etc. on Elkmont roads. An accident can happen all too fast and cause much grief.
  • Carlene Hammond suggested we think about a play area for visiting children. Diane Maxfield shared her knowledge about stringent safety regulations and significant risks for the community. Carlene then suggested we accrue a stash of games etc. for kids to use. She will research this and work with Judy Burke then present results to the community.
  • Joyce brought to our attention to the limited amount of parking space around the pavilion. Jean then explained that we only own 10’ on three sides. Logic suggests we get firm estimates on how much it would cost to turn the lot adjacent to the pavilion into useable parking space.
  • Glen mentioned speed bumps and there was an immediate swell of support for removing them. This matter will be given serious consideration by the Board.
  • The Board will search out how to contact an ambulance equipped with Advance Life Support, Basic Life Support or Fire Rescue. Any help will be appreciated.
  • Diane Maxfield made the motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Mr. Armstrong. Jean Robinson adjourned the meeting.

Elkmont POA Board of Directors