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Elkmont RV Resort Property Owners Association
| A Deed-Restricted Community


Volunteers Needed for Pavilion Work

The pavilion is going to be sprayed for carpenter bees on Monday so we need to get the tables out. Do we have a couple of volunteers who can help us do that? Give either Jean or Joyce a call at 813-545-6192 or 727–542-4692.

Elkmont Board of Directors

Wifi Update

There has been a name change for the wifi system. "Meadow" is now "Elkmont Middle Bottom". Login using the same password you have been using.

Mailing Address for Dues and Fees

For new residents and those who wish to pay dues and/or internet by mail please send to:

Elkmont Board of Directors
3177 Helen Highway
Cleveland, GA 30528

Property Improvement Requests

Please remember that the Board has 30 days to respond to a property improvement request. We will do our best to get the requests back as soon as possible. Recently the Board spent all afternoon working on next year's budget while Chris Mote Pumping was using his backhoe right behind us. He was digging ditches in preparation for 190 more feet of piping to be added to the septic system. The Board is often dealing with more than one thing at a time.

Thank you for understanding.

Elkmont POA Board of Directors

Definitions and Perceptions

It is apparent that there is anxiety over differing views of what constitutes a business. In order for the Board to deal with this issue from a legally correct perspective we asked our attorney for a definitive answer. Here is the result of that request. Please read it carefully. Elkmont must adhere to our covenants and those covenants cannot supersede the laws of Georgia.

Commercial Operations / Businesses in the Community: Article IV, Section 4.02 of the Declaration provides that no “commercial business establishment” of any kind may be built in the community, and no “commercial operation may be conducted or operated on any Lot.” When determining whether or not certain conduct constitutes a “commercial operation” or “business”, a court in Georgia will look to certain factors such as: (i) whether there is signage, clients or customers coming into the community for the business, (ii) if there are commercial vehicles, trucks or trailers being used advertising the business or commercial enterprise, (iii) if there is noise being made, and /or mail or packages being delivered to the Lot evidencing a business being conducted. As I understand it, there has been a complaint regarding a Lot Owner who appears to be offering some lawn maintenance and/or handyman type services to other Lot owners in the community on occasion. If the services being rendered do not include any of the auspices of a commercial enterprise or business as outlined above, then it is unlikely that a court will find that such activities constitute a commercial operation or business and, therefore, are not a violation of the Declaration.

The second question we had for the lawyer was concerning disputes and other uncomfortable feelings between or among lot owners. The bottom line is that if an individual has serious concerns about what constitutes harassment please read our attorney's response to that issue.

Disputes Between Lot Owners: I understand that a Lot Owner has been having a dispute with a neighboring Lot Owner or Owner(s) and that some Owners are complaining about this persons demeanor and attitude, and/or his threats to others regarding what he may or may not do to them if they do things he does not like. These types of domestic, personal disputes should be handled by the police and not the Association. If anyone ever feels threatened by another person in the community the Board should encourage them to call “911” and file a police report or seek a court order against the person with whom they have a dispute. This is not the type of conduct that falls within the covenant enforcement that the Board handles and the Board and Association should not become involved in personal disputes between Owners. The Association does not provide security of any kind to the community and cannot be responsible for individual owners’ actions or conduct, and each Lot Owner should take caution and action by calling the police if he or she feels threatened or sees conduct which they believe to be illegal at any time.

Elkmont POA Board of Directors


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  • Before doing any property improvements, please see the instructions on the Property Improvements page.

About Us

Elkmont RV Resort is Member owned, covenant restricted, gated RV community located between Cleveland and Helen, right across the street from Mount Yonah, in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. We became a Property Owners Association on August 12, 2009, and our Members have access to a private swimming pool, laundry facility, and outdoor events pavilion. Plus, our community is full of great people.

So, why not stop by? We're sure you'll want to stay as soon as you do.

Upcoming Elkmont Events

July 4, 2018: USO Patriotic BBQ Potluck